• For as long as we remember, formaldehyde is being used for the disinfection of eggs. It has been established that this product has harmful side-effects. Formaldehyde constitutes a risk for the people who have to work with it. To such an extent, that the use of formaldehyde is banned in a growing number of countries. In addition, formaldehyde negatively affects the health of chicks.

• That is why Bio-Clean, WESSO, and the Lagerwey hatchery have joined forces to develop a sustainable alternative for formaldehyde. Our common goal was a disinfectant that suits both the specific needs of hatcheries and the environmental guidelines. We were the first to translate these demands to a solution that works in actual practice. Today, GOLD LINE still holds up against any competing product.

• Over the years we have worked hard to perfect the GOLD LINE formula and its application in the field. For the special nebulizing technique, we found a partner in Besteman Techno Support. With this company’s know how and equipment GOLD LINE has developed into a total solution for hatching egg disinfection, from setter to hatcher.

• We have amassed lots of experience in various hatcheries at home and abroad. GOLD LINE has been extensively tested, and proven effective, in any hatching infrastructure. Our specialists can integrate GOLD LINE in any hatchery. They provide tailor-made advice, installation, and operational support. Together with our customers, we optimize both hygiene and the growth and health of chicks.

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