• WESSO is a leading developer of environmentally friendly solutions for water, air and surface hygiene. Since 1986 WESSO has been assisting entrepreneurs in the food industry to enhance their productivity.

• Bio-Clean has been active in the food sector since 2007. We specialize in hygiene optimization in critical business processes. Coming from a background in the poultry and meat industries, we understand our customers and the challenges they are facing.

• After more than 30 years, it is time for the next step. Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiene BV will continue under the name Veugen Technology. About 70% of Veugen Technology’s fogging solutions are engineered foreign customers. Fogging equipment that is fully developed and produced by Veugen Technology. While Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiene BV’s name mainly appealed to Dutch customers, Veugen Technology will increase its recognisability for foreign customers.

Jos Veugen: “We have expanded our working area in recent years. In addition to industrial hygiene (bedrijfshygiëne in Dutch), Veugen Technology also offers technological solutions for crop protection and food storage. Just having industrial hygiene in the name doesn’t cover it all.”

The service and craftsmanship that people have been used to receiving from Frans and Thea since the start will continue to be present.
With the name change, the name Frans will also disappear. As founder, Frans Veugen built up the company over more than 20 years and laid a very good foundation before Rob, Paul and Jos Veugen took over the company. Rob Veugen: “We are very proud of what our parents have achieved and proud of the Veugen name. In the various sectors in which we are active, Veugen stands for high-quality fogging solutions. We want to promote this even further internationally with the new name Veugen Technology.”


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